The Support Division is comprised of five distinct units: Animal Control, Communications, Jail, and Records. Each of these units provides an integral role in providing our citizens with high quality police services. Our Animal Control Unit handles all types of calls related to animals within the city limits. With the opening of our new state of the art Animal Shelter, we have been able to increase our adoptions of unwanted animals by 34%.

Our Communications Center handles all calls for police service, assigning them to the appropriate officer or unit. Communications personnel handle a variety of calls including requests for police and fire services, and all 911 calls. The Jail houses prisoners that are taken into custody for various offenses, and the Records unit is responsible for maintaining all police reports, and helps facilitate open records requests. 


In 2014, the Communications Center was relocated to the new Public Safety Complex at 1101 N 6th St, in Broken Arrow. Police Tele-communicators began dispatching from the new facilities using a Harris Communications 800 MHZ Trunked Radio System. The Tele-communicators use Symphony radio consoles for communicating to Police, Fire, Ambulance, Animal Control and Public Works units. In 2017, the Police Department became a member of the Indian Nations Council of Governments (INCOG) 911 board. In October of 2018, the Communications Center completed its transition to a new Enhanced 911 system provided by AT&T/INCOG regional 911 system, which provides the center with greater interoperability with other 911 centers in the Tulsa Metro area. The Broken Arrow Public Safety Communications Center has supported E911 wireless calls since 2005. These enhanced wireless calls send the Communications Center the XY GPS coordinates of the wireless 911 caller and automatically populates the coordinates on a mapping display at each 911 workstation.

The Communications Center's Communication Manger, Deputy Communications Manager, 4 Call Takers, 15 Tele-communicators and 3 Communications Shift Supervisors have the responsibility of dispatching not only for the Police Department, but also for the Fire Department and the Ambulance Service. There are at least three Tele-communicators on duty on each shift. Their duties include answering E911 calls, non-emergency telephone calls and providing pre-arrival medical instructions to callers on ambulance calls. This information flow between the caller and the Tele-communicator provides medical instruction for such things as CPR, choking, child breath and allergic reactions for the patient while the ambulance is en route. The ambulance crew is kept apprised of the patient's status change(s) during the response period.

The department uses the CentralSquare (Superion/HTE) Criminal Records Information Management System (CRIMES), to maintain criminal records information. CRIMES went on line in August of 1995. Dispatching is assisted by the CentralSquare Computer Aided Dispatching System (CADS), which went on line in November of 1996. This CADs system aids the Tele-communicators in assigning Police, Fire and ambulance units to calls and provides Departmental administrators with statistics about call types, frequency of calls, call response times, as well as the duration on scene and geographical area of specific calls.

The Communications Center services a larger population than just the City of Broken Arrow; due to the Fire Department’s response area extending into the unincorporated areas of Tulsa and Wagoner Counties. The Communications Center averages approximately 70,000 911 calls annually and handles approximately 80,000 police related calls for service and 14,000 fire/EMS related calls for services.

Property Room


The Responsibility of the Broken Arrow Police Department’s Property and Evidence room is to safeguard evidence for criminal cases and safely store all personal property found or retrieved as the result of an investigation.

The Broken Arrow Police Department seeks to quickly return property to the rightful owner in a timely manner. Property Release is dictated by State Statute and Policies and Procedures of the Broken Arrow Police Department. Property that we are unable to restore to the rightful owner will be purged according to State Statutes.

How to Contact Us

Broken Arrow Police Department Property Room
2304 S. First Place
(Entrance is between the Streets Department and the Justice Center Buildings)
Hours of Operation: Monday- Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Phone: 918-451-8844

Special Instructions

  1. When picking up property from the property room you must come in person and present a picture ID (driver’s license or state ID card).
  2. You must have a case # given to you by the Officer or Detective working the case.
  3. You may not pick up property for another person unless you have a notarized statement from that person.
  4. It is best to make an appointment with the Property Room to retrieve your property so we may have your items available and ready for you to pick up without any delays.
  5. An appointment is required when retrieving a firearm from the property room due to the statutory requirements that must be fulfilled prior to the release of a weapon.

No property will be released until proper authorization has been granted from the Officer, Detective, or the Courts.

It is usually best to confirm that the investigating officer has in fact notified the Property Room in writing that your property may be released if it was being held for evidence.

Found property may be released to the owner upon proof of ownership.

Valuable items that have been turned over to the Broken Arrow Property Room must be held for the rightful owner to claim for a minimum of 90 days. After this period of time has lapsed and no owner has come forward to claim the items, the finder can post a claim to the property. However the found property will only be relinquished after a court order has been obtained by the District Judge.