Special Investigations Unit

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The Street Crimes Unit of the Broken Arrow Police Department is responsible for identifying, monitoring and suppressing local criminal activity. Detectives assigned to the Street Crimes Unit are trained in special enforcement procedures, special weapons, tactics and equipment purchased through seized assets. Currently, seven detectives make up the Street Crimes Unit, four of which are certified in seizing and processing Clandestine Laboratories used to manufacture illicit drugs. Detectives of the SCU work undercover in an effort to suppress crime and apprehend felons, they serve search and arrest warrants on a regular basis and conduct special operations in order to apprehend persons committing felonies in progress. Primarily, the Street Crimes Unit spends the majority of their time concentrating and targeting narcotic and drug related violators.

Currently, Methamphetamine and Clandestine Methamphetamine Labs are the first priority of the Street Crimes Unit. Clan Labs are a danger to the public and welfare of the city due to the volatile nature of the labs resulting in the risk of fire and explosion, as well as, the toxic fumes of the lab.

The Street Crimes Unit has found that many of the Methamphetamine Manufacturers and abusers expose their children to the toxic fumes and chemicals, as well as, the Methamphetamine itself. The Street Crimes Unit has been active in removing children from these homes and taking part in the Drug Endangered Children project where in the child is tested for the presence of Methamphetamine in their system. So far, 100% of the children tested have proved positive for Methamphetamine.