Living Green

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The Broken Arrow City Council established as one of its Strategic Goals the preparation and execution of a Citywide Environmental Action Plan. The City’s Green Plan addresses all areas of City activities and will provide courses of action on how to achieve a more environmentally friendly City.

Preparation and execution of the Green Plan involves all members of the Administrative Staff and city personnel with special expertise and appropriate committees. Sustainability is the goal and methodology of Green Plans. They are the models, ideas or plans we use as a nation, state, community, businesses, organization, family or individual.

They are used to determine the potential impact of our current practices on natural resources provide possible solutions to reach the ultimate goal of environmental sustainability.

The City has designated six action committees to develop the Green Plan for specific areas. Each committee reviews their area of responsibility and determines actions to be taken to improve the city’s quality of life, protect the environment, save energy and reduce the city’s carbon footprint. The preparation and execution of this plan is an ongoing process and each department will include the appropriate and fundable goals in their short and long term management plans.

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