Large Item Pickups

Additional charges will apply to large items:

  • Large item pickups include, but not limited to: Mattresses and/or box spring sets, hot water heaters, disassembled swing sets, furniture items, major appliances, carpet (2’ x 5’ roll max) and yard equipment.
  • Major appliances with refrigeration systems will be accepted only if the proper documentation is attached that documents the refrigerant has been properly removed by a licensed CFC technician.

Standard Rates: 

Mattress and/or spring set: $15

Hot water heater: $10

Major appliance: $15

Disassembled swing set: $10

Each item of furniture: $12

Loose brush pickups per cubic yard: $7

Bulk pickup per load, up to 5 cubic yards: $36

Bulk pickup per load, 6 to 15 cubic yards: $75

Each bag of yard waste in excess of 10: $1.25 per bag

Yard waste bags larger than 30 gallons charged as 2 bags