LifeRide FAQs

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  • Why should I participate in LifeRide?

    To save money. The average emergency response and ambulance transport costs $1,500. Insurance may cover a portion of this charge, leaving you responsible for the balance; but subscribers to LifeRide will pay nothing after a claim is submitted to the health insurance provider. Members who do not have health insurance will receive a 40% discount on their ambulance bill.

  • If I already have health insurance, do I need LifeRide?

    For most people, their insurance will only partially cover ambulance costs after the deductible and co-insurance is met, which means the remaining balance is your responsibility to pay. If you are unsure of your level of emergency ambulance coverage, contact your insurance provider. For members with health insurance, LifeRide takes care of out-of-pocket expenses, so you don’t pay anything on emergency ambulance services.

  • I don’t have health insurance. Do I get a discount if I’m a LifeRide member?

    Yes. Members without health insurance will receive a 40% discount on their ambulance bill.

  • How do I pay for LifeRide?

    For City of Broken Arrow utility customers, LifeRide is payable through your monthly utility bill and will show up as a line item under the new charges section. Non-utility customers will make annual payments by check, cash or credit card.

  • If I have LifeRide, will you still submit a claim to my insurance company?

    Yes, the City will continue to submit claims to insurance providers. LifeRide members who have health insurance will not pay any out-of-pocket expenses after insurance payments have been collected. LifeRide members are required to provide health insurance information and keep it up to date. Utility customers who do not have health insurance must state they do not have health coverage.

  • How does this affect people living outside the City limits who rely on BAFD emergency services?

    LifeRide is available to anyone living outside City limits but within the Broken Arrow fence line. Those that live within the fence line and receive a utility bill will pay $7.50 per month. People living outside the City limits and within the fence line but do not receive a utility bill will be able to enroll at $90 per year. An annual subscription is required because a utility bill is not generated for this group of non-residents.

  • I just moved to Broken Arrow, am I immediately subscribed?

    No.You are given the the option to become a LifeRide member when you open a new utility account. Be sure to indicate on the utility enrollment form that you want LifeRide coverage. 

  • What if I live in an apartment?

    Anyone living in an apartment in Broken Arrow is eligible to participate in LifeRide. Please contact your landlord to verify participation. If your landlord has opted-out, they are required to provide documentation to each tenant of the apartment’s opt-out status. If you live in an apartment that is not participating in LifeRide, you may enroll on an individual basis by completing an enrollment form and submitting an annual payment of $65.40. The enrollment form is available online or at the Utility Customer Service office, 116 E. Dallas Street.

  • I am currently renting the house I live in. Are my roommates also covered?

    All members of the household who claim the address registered with LifeRide as their primary residence will be covered.

  • I own a rental home. Are my tenants covered?

    If your tenant pays his or her own utility bill, they will be covered unless they opt-out of LifeRide. If you, the landlord, manage the utility bill, you will be responsible for communicating LifeRide coverage to your tenant. According to the City ordinance, landlords who opt-out of LifeRide must notify all tenants in writing and keep on file written documentation signed by the tenant, which acknowledges the landlord is not participating in LifeRide but the tenant may enroll in the program. Opt-out forms, along with enrollment forms, are available online or at the Utility Customer Service office, 116 E. Dallas Street.

  • Will I still receive ambulance service if I’m not a LifeRide member?

    Yes, BAFD will respond to any call for emergency assistance and provide all necessary care and services, regardless of LifeRide participation. You will be responsible for paying the remaining balance on your ambulance bill, after a claim has been submitted to your health insurance provider. The average ambulance bill before an insurance claim is submitted is $1,500.

  • Isn't this a tax?

    No, LifeRide is not a tax. It is a voluntary program in which anyone living in Broken Arrow can opt-out. If you would like to opt-out of the program, you may do so during the month of August, by filling out a form available online or at the Utility Customer Service window at City Hall, 116 E. Dallas Street.

  • Why did the City Council adopt this program?

    LifeRide was recommended by the citizen led Fiscal Sustainability Committee to provide relief for the financial hardship ambulance costs can have on our citizens. The program is one of several budget solutions recently recommended by the committee and ensures the long term viability of the EMS Division and the highest level of services for citizens.

  • Are the current rates locked-in?

    Because healthcare costs fluctuate from year to year at a rate the City cannot predict or control, it is difficult to cap the subscription rate. The City is committed to maintaining a reasonable charge that will adequately support the Broken Arrow Fire Department’s Emergency Medical Services Division.

  • Do I have to opt-out every year?

    No. Once you make your election, it will be permanent until you notify us otherwise.

  • Do I have to enroll every year?

    No, you do not have to enroll every year. If you are a non-utility customer, your eligibility is subject to timely annual payment.

  • If the Broken Arrow Fire Department is unable to respond, and another ambulance transports me, do LifeRide benefits still apply?

    At this time, LifeRide benefits only apply when the Broken Arrow Fire Department provides transport.