Municipal Court

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COVID-19 update: Court resumes June 2. See the revised procedures below.

Justice CenterJustice Center
2304 South First Pl.
Broken Arrow, OK 74012

The Broken Arrow Municipal Court has jurisdiction over all traffic and misdemeanor offenses committed in violation of current city ordinances. All felonies and misdemeanors committed in the City of Broken Arrow, but outside the parameters of the Broken Arrow City Code, are prosecuted in Tulsa or Wagoner County District Courts.

As in all other Oklahoma courts, individuals charged in Broken Arrow Municipal Court have the right to remain silent, the right to confront witnesses against them, the right to retain an attorney and the right to a speedy and impartial trial.

Procedure for court appearances until further notice

  • Maintain Social Distancing.
  • All Defendants and court personnel must wear a face covering.
  • Check-in with the Court Marshall, then wait in the courtroom or in your vehicle, depending on what you are instructed by the Court Marshall.
  • If you are asked to wait in your vehicle, wait there or outside the building until you are notified by the Court Marshall to enter the courtroom.
  • When you enter the courtroom sit only in designated chairs.
  • No More than 15 defendants may be in the Courtroom at one time.
  • After you enter the courtroom, be seated. A prosecutor will talk with you within a short period. When the Judge calls your name, go to the podium. Your charges will be explained to you, and at that time, you will enter a plea of “not guilty” or a plea of “no contest” or a plea of “guilty”. If you enter a plea of “not guilty” a trial date will be set, and you will be given written information concerning trial procedure. If you enter a plea of “guilty” or a plea of “no contest” the Judge will either find you guilty, and assess a fine and court costs, or put you on probation pursuant to your conversation with the prosecutor. If you need time to pay the fine and costs, you will be given time. If the prosecutor offers you probation, the Judge may or may not go along with the recommendations of the prosecutor.
  • When you leave the courtroom exit through the door on the right (as you are facing the back of the courtroom).

Broken Arrow Municipal Court utilizes a variety of dockets to dispose of its cases. These dockets are as follows:

Traffic and Class “A” Misdemeanor Arraignment Docket
Non-Jury Docket
Jury Docket
Juvenile Docket
Review Docket
Dress Code