Logistics Division

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The Logistics Division manages many financial assets for the City.

Purchasing ensures the City of Broken Arrow remains in accordance with City ordinances and state statutes when buying goods and services. Buyers procure the proper quality and quantity of items and services needed by other departments to help the City operate efficiently while controlling costs and saving taxpayer dollars.

Logistics also oversees competitive bidding for the City, encouraging the most open purchasing processes practicable to maximize possible value while maintaining fair and equitable treatment of vendors.

The division also manages two warehouses for the City that contain over 2,500 items valued at over $1 million. The warehouses stock items that are consistently needed by other departments to complete their tasks.

Logistics also ensures the City’s two fueling stations are adequately supplied so all departments can keep their vehicles on the road as necessary.

When items have outlived their usefulness to the City, they are moved to surplus by the Logistics Division. Once surplus items reach an approximate combined value of about $15,000, a public surplus auction is held, usually about once per year. Auction proceeds are deposited into the City’s General Fund or Broken Arrow Municipal Authority (BAMA) funds, depending on the sold item’s source funding.