City Clerk

Over the years, City Clerks have become the center of municipal government, the direct connection between the citizens of their community and their government. The Clerk is the historian of the community. The City Clerk’s Office serves the citizens, the Mayor, the City Council, the City Manager, and all City departments. All of them call upon it, almost daily, for service or information.

The City Clerk’s Office is required by statute to perform several duties, which include:
  1. Keep the journal of the proceedings of the City Council, Municipal Authority, Economic Development Authority and other boards and commissions;
  2. Enroll all ordinances and resolutions passed by the council in a book or set of books kept for that purpose;
  3. Have custody of documents, records, and archives, as may be provided for by law or by ordinance, and have custody of the seal of the city;
  4. Attest and affix the seal of the city to documents as required by law or by ordinance.
  5. Receive and process Open Records Requests.
The city clerk also serves as Municipal Court clerk, oversees the court clerk's office and serves as director of records.

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