Farmers Market FAQs

What are the hours of the market?
We are open every Saturday April 6th-October 26th 2019 from 8am to noon.

How do I become a vendor? and click on the “Become A Vendor Tab”

Does the Rose District Farmers Market accept SNAP tokens?
Unfortunately, at the moment, we do not but we are working toward that goal and should be accepting in the near future.

Do vendors accept credit cards?
Most vendors do, yes. If you run into a vendor who does not, AVB bank is conveniently located across the parking lot and has a 24/7 ATM.

How do you decide whether or not to close the market due to inclement weather?
We love our market days as much as our customers and vendors do but we also take the safety of our citizens seriously. While we all know that Oklahoma weather is not always as predictable as we would like it to be, we will err on the side of caution and close the market for the day if severe weather is predicted during market hours. This policy has been discussed by staff, our vendors and many of our customers. We hope you understand that we consult multiple sources before making the decision to close the market. If we close the market for weather, we will announce on our Facebook page – Rose District Farmers Market. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you’d like to receive emails or text messages with information on market cancellations, events, specials etc., please subscribe to our email subscription using the subscription tab on this website.

Are dogs permitted at the market?
Dogs are permitted at the market as long as they are securely on a leash. Aggression or excessive barking is not tolerated. If your pup is causing a ruckus, we’ll politely ask you remove the little guy or gal from the plaza.

Where are the Rules and Regulations?
Under our “Become A Vendor” tab, you will find the link for the rules and regulations.

What kinds of products are available at your market?
Under the Products tab, you can find the general overview of products available at our market as well as a Produce Harvest Guide displaying times of the year certain products are available. Check our Facebook page: Rose District Farmers Market for pictures or video for market offerings.

Do you have (xyz) available at the market this Saturday?
To see product availability, please see our Produce Harvest Guide on the Products Tab. Check our Facebook page: Rose District Farmers Market for pictures or video for market offerings.

Who do I call to reserve the Rose District Plaza pavilions for a private event?
Parks & Recreation Department: 918-259-7000 ext. 7440

Where do we park to attend the market?
There is parking available along Main street and an additional paved parking lot off Ash and El Paso.

Are there restroom facilities at your market?
Yes! We have public restrooms available for use in the plaza.

How do you guarantee that all products sold at your market are 100% grown or produced in your market?
We are an Oklahoma Grown, Oklahoma Made market. We do our very best to assure that produce and products sold at the market are just that – Oklahoma Grown and Oklahoma Made. We require that all vendors either grow their own produce or they can supplement their offerings with up to 30% of their produce from verifiable Oklahoma Grown sources. We also conduct regular farm visits throughout the season to verify that products being sold at booths are in fact, being grown on farm sites.