Vision 2025 Renewal Plan

On Tuesday, November 10, 2015, City of Broken Arrow voters overwhelmingly approved renewal of the expiring Vision 2025 sales tax to hire more police officers, firefighters and fix Broken Arrow roads. Because this will be an extension of an existing tax, there will be NO tax increase in Tulsa County.

Sales tax revenue collected in Broken Arrow from the Vision 2025 renewal will stay in Broken Arrow. The additional funding will be used specifically for the following:


 Hire 20 new firefighters
 Hire 20 new police officers

 Improve streets and sidewalks
 Alleviate traffic congestion

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Estimated Annual Revenue

vision 2025 extension pie chart

Broken Arrow residents are benefiting from the many positive changes Vision 2025 has made in our community. In 2003, Tulsa County voters approved a 13-year, 6/10 of one penny sales tax increase to fund regional economic development and capital improvement throughout Tulsa County. In Broken Arrow, Vision 2025 funded significant economic, educational and quality of life projects, such as expansion of NSU Broken Arrow, the Rose District, the Nienhuis Aquatic Center and more.

The City of Broken Arrow seeks to extend 55 hundredths of a penny ($0.0055) of the existing Vision 2025 sales tax. This would be a permanent tax to fund public safety and street improvements.

The election will be held Tuesday, November 10, 2015. Broken Arrow voters will see two propositions on the ballot regarding the sales tax renewal:

Proposition 1:
Establish a sales tax of three tenths of one penny ($0.003) to hire additional police officers and firefighter/paramedics; as well as fund the acquisition and replacement of public safety vehicles, equipment, technology and apparatus.

Proposition 2:
Establish a sales tax of twenty-five hundredths of one penny ($0.0025) for the purposes of improving, constructing, and maintaining city streets, sidewalks, and related stormwater appurtenances, including the installation of traffic control devices and signalization.

The November 10 special election is open to all registered voters living within the Broken Arrow city limits in both Tulsa and Wagoner Counties.


Q: Will this raise our taxes?
A: No. For Tulsa County residents, taxes will not go up as a result of extending Vision 2025, because voters will be renewing an existing tax. The Wagoner County portion of Broken Arrow will see a slight tax increase of 55 hundredths of a penny ($0.0055).

Q: Why does the City want to renew Vision 2025? 
  • Increases to the City’s population and responses have significantly outpaced the growth of the Broken Arrow Police Department. Additionally, the increasing complexity of responses such as mental health and domestic violence calls, increased community policing efforts, more in depth training requirements all require more time and resources.
  • In the last 10 years, responses by the Broken Arrow Fire Department grew by 88 percent, while full-time firefighter/paramedics increased only 22 percent.    
  • The City of Broken Arrow has 347 subdivisions. More than two-third need major road repairs.
  • A citizen-led committee formed by the City Council to identify opportunities for cost savings and increased revenues for the City of Broken Arrow, also recommended renewing the expiring Vision 2025 sales tax.

Q: How will the sales tax revenue be spent?
A: The revenue generated from the renewed Vision 2025 sales tax will remain in Broken Arrow to benefit Broken Arrow residents. If both propositions pass, the City will hire 20 new police officers and 20 new firefighters, purchase public safety equipment and improve streets and sidewalks. The annual estimated revenue is $7.2 million.

Q: When is the election?
A: The Broken Arrow election will be held November 10, 2015.
The last day to register to vote in this election is October 16. Click here for more details. 

Q: Who can vote?
A: Any Broken Arrow resident 18 and older and registered to vote.

Q: Where do I vote?
A: At your assigned polling place. To find your polling place, visit the election resource page at

Q: What will be on the ballot?
A: There will be two propositions on the ballot. Proposition #1 will fund public safety personnel and equipment. Proposition #2 will fund street repairs. Each proposition is voted on independently of the other, which means you may approve one and not the other, or vote the same way for each proposition.

Q: Do other cities in Tulsa County plan to extend Vision 2025?
A: Yes. Bixby, Collinsville, Jenks, Owasso, Sand Springs, Skiatook and Tulsa are all planning to extend Vision 2025. In March 2015, city leaders announced plans to renew Vision 2025 and restructure the program so that projects are decided on and managed at the city, rather than the county level.


Sample Ballot

Map of Broken Arrow City Limits

Streets Maintenance 5-Year Plan Map
View which areas will be improved with the renewal of Vision 2025.

Election Information

Ordinance 3360
This legal document outlines the specific way in which the sales tax must be used for public safety purposes.

Ordinance 3361
This legal document outlines the specific way in which the sales tax must be used for streets maintenance.

Vision Extension Overview and FAQ Sheet

Download August 11 Town Hall Meeting Presentation

Download June 24 Town Hall Meeting Presentation