Cost Savings on Emergency Ambulance Services

 LifeRide is an emergency medical services (EMS) program that provides valuable cost savings on emergency medical response and transportation in Broken Arrow. The program is administered through a subscription service payable through City of Broken Arrow utility bills.

LifeRide costs only $5.45 monthly per household for those inside the City limits and $7.50 per month for those outside the City limits but within the Broken Arrow fence line. The monthly fee will show up as a line item on your utility bill.

The average emergency response and ambulance transport costs $1,500. Insurance may cover a portion of this charge, but subscribers to LifeRide will pay nothing after a claim is submitted to your health insurance provider.

Broken Arrow utility customers must elect to enroll in the LifeRide program when they establish new service. If you do not receive a City of Broken Arrow utility bill and would like to enroll, click here. Individuals and families may opt-in or opt-out by completing the appropriate form and submitting it to Utility Customer Service by August 31. Residents may also complete the form at the Utility Customer Service office located at 116 E. Dallas Street, Broken Arrow, OK 74012. 

LifeRide Frequently Asked Questions

Download LifeRide Ordinance

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