Welcome to the Broken Arrow Fire Department Recruiting Page!

Applications are not currently being accepted. Please check back for updates.

We would like to invite you to look through the website and see what the Broken Arrow Fire Department is all about. The academy consists of (22) rigorous weeks of training for the new cadet. In this academy a cadet will learn the fundamentals of what it means to become a Broken Arrow Firefighter, with formal training in all aspects of firefighting.

The new cadet will learn teamwork, leadership, and gain confidence while being in the academy. At the end of the academy the new cadet will also gain many certifications to include and not limited to Firefighter I & II, Haz-Mat Awareness and Operations, Technical Rescue disciplines, F.L.A.G., EVOC, Advanced Fire Behavior, I.C.S. and Mayday/Survival Training.

There will be lots of team building and positive reinforcement to help the new cadet gain the trust of other cadets while in the academy. Also unique to the BAFD is that we are an A.L.S. combination fire department, so with that in the academy there will also be a slew of E.M.S. training that will include protocols, ACLS, BLS, CPR, and a refresher for all new cadets.

We take pride in our organization and know that the new cadet will do the same after completing the academy and graduating successfully with their fellow cadets to become a member of the Broken Arrow Fire Department!

Driver’s license and an EMT license are required to be eligible for the test. Also, you must have no convictions of a felony or crime of moral turpitude. Must have no more than 3 moving violations, or 1 at fault accident, and 2 moving violations within the past 5 years. Must have no convictions of a DUI, reckless driving or similar violation in the past 7 years.