In July of 1996 the Police Telecommunicators began dispatching from new facilities using an Ericsson EDACS 800 MHZ Trunked Radio System. The Telecommunicators use Ericsson's C3 Maestro Consoles for communicating to Police, Fire, Ambulance and Public Works units. Ericsson's MDX radios are used for vehicular mounting and Ericsson's MPA portable radio is issued to each Police Officer, key Fire and Public Works officials.

The 17 Telecommunicators have responsibility of dispatching not only for the Police Department, but also for the Fire Department and the Ambulance Service. There are at least three Telecommunicators on duty on each shift. Their duties include answering E911 calls, non-emergency telephone calls and providing pre-arrival medical instructions to callers on ambulance calls. This information flow between the caller and the Telecommunicator provides medical instruction for the treatment of the patient while the ambulance is en route. The Ambulance crew is kept apprised of the patient's status change during the response period.

The department uses the HTE Criminal Records Information Management System (CRIMES), to maintain criminal records information. CRIMES went on line in August of 1995. Dispatching is assisted by the HTE Computer Aided Dispatching System (CADS), which went on line in November 1996. This CADs system aids the Telecommunicators in assigning Police, Fire and ambulance units to calls and provides Departmental administrators with statistics about call types, frequency of calls, call response times, as well as the duration on scene and geographical area of specific calls.