Headquarters Division

The Headquarters Division is comprised of several different units to include Crime Scene, Special Investigations, Criminal Investigations, School Resource Officers, and Crime Prevention. The combined focus is primarily centered on the investigations of crimes that have occurred, proactive enforcement of narcotics and vice related crimes, and the prevention of crimes through community partnerships.

The Crime Scene Unit’s primary function is to investigate crime scenes to include violent crimes, crash scenes, industrial accidents, and property related crimes. One of their many duties includes the processing of evidence recovered from these crime scenes. 

The Criminal Investigation Unit’s focus is on the investigation of crimes that occur within the city. Detectives are assigned cases related to their current assignment of crime type: people, property, juvenile, fraud, or domestic assaults. They respond to crime scenes, interview witnesses, handle evidence, and meet with victims. Detectives prepare paperwork and file prosecution reports in the respective counties in which the crimes occurred.

The Special Investigations Unit is comprised of several Detectives whose primary focus is on the proactive enforcement of statutes involving the manufacture, distribution, and use of illicit narcotics.

Our Crime Prevention efforts are praised statewide as our employees engage citizens in multiple platforms, functions, and presentations in order to facilitate relations between police and the public. These relationships have improved communication and cooperation and have enhanced efforts of crime prevention and the investigations of crime.