One-Stop Division

The One Stop Division, located at the north end of City Hall, accepts and facilitates the tracking and recording of all required departmental actions. Permits are required for any type of structure being built within the City. 

What Can I Do at the One-Stop Center?

  • Apply for alarm permits (renew online)
  • Apply for all zoning cases
  • Apply for fireworks permits (available online)
  • Apply for food/beverage licenses
  • Apply for pet licenses
  • Apply for residential and commercial building permits
  • Apply for sign permits
  • Meet with staff members who are directly involved with your building or development project
  • Notify us about a property that needs improvement or has safety issues
  • Obtain occupation license for taxi, massage therapist, trash haulers, ambulance, pawn shops, limousine and more
  • Pay your utility bill
  • Purchase burial plots in the City-owned cemetery
  • Register a gated community
  • Register for Certificate of Compliance for the ABLE Commission
  • Register or renew your contractor license
  • Submit planning and engineering applications and plans
  • Take care of code enforcement issues