Downtown Advisory Board

DAB fulfills its goals

Members of the Downtown Advisory Board (DAB) agreed during a meeting in January 2018 that the board has fulfilled its objective; and on January 16, 2018, the Broken Arrow City Council accepted the DAB’s recommendation to dissolve the board.

Citing other checks and balances in place to ensure successful implementation of downtown initiatives, the DAB agreed they did not need to continue meeting. The Downtown Residential Overlay District (DROD), the Planning Commission, and the Development Services Department provide oversight for continued downtown development, along with the Broken Arrow Economic Development Corporation.

“We had goals, and we achieved those goals,” said former DAB member Michelle Bergwall. “At this point, we need to remove as many barriers to development as possible, and we believe dissolving the DAB will be more beneficial to continuing the success of our downtown.”

The Council established the DAB in 2005 with the goal of creating a unique downtown as the heart of Broken Arrow and provide a variety of retail, residential and commercial spaces where people can shop, eat, live, work and play. The DAB’s efforts have led to the Rose District, Broken Arrow’s popular arts and entertainment district located on Main Street. A new $18-million mixed-use development will break ground later this year, through a partnership with Milestone Capital. The four-story facility will feature 31,000 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor with about 90 luxury apartment units on the three levels above.

The amount of sales tax the City collects has also increased significantly. In 2012, the City collected $65,739 in new sales tax revenue. Five years later in 2017, that figure has grown to $401,376 collected.

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Agendas and Minutes

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The purpose of the Downtown Advisory Board was to:
  • Advise on funding of projects
  • Oversee all facets of implementation of the Master Plan
  • Select professional consultants
  • Work with downtown merchants, businesses, property owners, and homeowners