Economic Development

Internal Economic Development Team

The City of Broken Arrow has developed an Internal Economic Development Team (IEDT). This team is comprised of city staff and will work in conjunction with the Broken Arrow Economic Development Corporation (BAEDC).


The IEDT will provide coordination between the city staff and BAEDC while expediting economic development actions inside the city. The team will take the actions necessary to bring to a successful conclusion those actions. In most cases this will include:
  • Assistance during the construction process
  • Assistance in planning
  • Assistance in zoning
  • Financial assistance
  • Negotiation of a contract between the city and the business
  • Post-startup assistance, as required

The team will have the capability to provide all required information on potential sites; assist with incentive programs from the federal, state, and local levels; provide information on bank contacts; assist with the zoning, planning, and construction issues; and will also provide, through coordination with the BAEDC, city resources for information necessary to recruit businesses in today’s highly competitive market.

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