The Utilities Department includes the divisions for water system, sanitary system, the water plant and the wastewater plant.

Responsibilities include maintenance and repair of water lines, sewer lines and the city's water plant. Broken Arrow customers use anywhere from eight million to 26 million gallons of water each day, with the heavier uses, of course, during the hot summer months. 

Automated Meter Reader Installation Underway

City employees will perform all installation of the new AMR devices.

employee and AMR_reduced

An installed AMR as seen from a residential meter box.

AMR in meter box_reduced

A laptop and antenna installed in a utility truck captures the meter reading as it rolls along each street.

installed AMR_reduced
The City of Broken Arrow is improving its water meter program by installing Automated Meter Readers (AMR), starting with the east side of Broken Arrow. Installation has been underway since March 2016. The AMR system will result in greater accuracy of meter reads, establish efficiency in the collection of water use data, and help control staffing and operational costs.

Many communities in the area, such as Owasso, Sand Springs, and Tulsa are already using AMR systems. In Broken Arrow, about 9,000 meters initially will be converted to radio read meters, with plans to replace more in the future.

Benefits of AMR

  • Obtain accurate readings
  • Reduce reading/recording errors
  • Eliminate need for estimated consumption during bad weather
  • Minimize the need for personnel to go on the property
  • Detect leaks/backflows occurring in the plumbing system