Streets & Stormwater

The Streets and Stormwater Department is structured in two divisions. Streets is responsible for asphalt paving, traffic signs, traffic calming, street marking and dump truck support. The Stormwater Division is responsible for storm drain repair, mowing and tree trimming/removal, drainage and concrete repair and nuisance abatement.

Normal business activities such as patching of potholes and speed humps, traffic surveys, mosquito spraying, concrete repairs to roads and curbs, street sweeping, abatements mowing and snow/ice removal are always given top priority. Our citizens can be assured that their streets will be kept as safe as possible during times of hazardous weather.

Helpful Documents

5 Year Traffic Counts - Tulsa County (October 2017) (PDF)
Traffic Counts
Traffic Counts Map
Traffic Counts for Highway 51 and Highway 364 (Creek Turnpike)
Snow Removal Information (PDF)
Street Sweeping Schedule (PDF)
city sweeping map