Public Information

The Public Information Office of the City of Broken Arrow is committed to keeping the public informed of municipal government events and actions. 

On this page, you can access:
  • Annual reports. Get an overview of what's happening in Broken Arrow.
  • City budgets. See where the money comes from and how it's being spent.
  • General Obligation Bond information and history. Track projects for updates on completion dates.
  • Sales tax initiatives. View updates on projects, revenues and expenses.


The following resources are utilized to disseminate information to the public:


While the City Clerk’s office is required by law to physically post agendas in a visible location at City Hall, citizens may conveniently view meeting agendas and minutes at On that page, visitors may request notifications alerting them of new agenda postings.

Staff communicates dates for special community meetings through the news section of the website, along with issuing press releases to broadcast and print media outlets. City-wide robo-calls are also utilized through the Connect CTY program. 



NEW! Check out City Council Highlights, a quick recap of major actions taken at Broken Arrow City Council Meetings. We will provide routine updates after every meeting, in order to keep everyone in the loop with what’s going on in local government.