Citizens Police Academy

The Broken Arrow Police Department is proud to host its Citizens Police Academy. The program consists of an 11-week series of classes that meet once a week, usually on Tuesday evenings from 6-9 p.m. All of the classes are free to the students, and any required materials are provided by the Police Department. 

Attendees are required to either live or work in Broken Arrow, and must pass a background check prior to the class.

The goal of the academy is to educate the public, and provide a better understanding of how our Police Department functions and operates. Instruction consists of lectures, demonstrations, tours and hands-on training. The hands-on portion of the classes include mock traffic stops, building searches, field testing of drugs and other activities that will put you in the shoes of an officer.

Through this academy, we hope to give the students a different perspective of Law Enforcement-related topics. By giving the students a “behind the scenes” look at police work, we intend to arm them with knowledge so they can make informed decisions when assessing Police actions whether on the local or national level.

A full list of class subjects can be seen on the Course Agenda, and include: Recruitment/Hiring/Training, Traffic and Motorcycle Squad, Use of Force, Patrol Tactics, Jail Tour, Officer Involved Shooting, Special Investigations, Crisis Negotiations, K-9, Special Operations Team, Firearms, CSI and a Final Challenge prior to graduation.

After graduation, you will be eligible to volunteer for the Police Department, join the Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association, and apply for inclusion in the Master’s CPA!

Applications are taken year round, however class size is limited so get your application in the queue as soon as possible.

Printable Application

For more information, contact course coordinator Public Affairs Officer Mike Peale at or by phone at 918-451-8200 Ext. 8710.

CPA Course Agenda

  • Welcome-class structure
  • Recruitment, Hiring and Training
  • Departmental Overview
  • Tour of Public Safety Complex
  • Traffic Overview
  • Motorcycle Squad Overview
  • Communications Overview
  • Use of Force
  • Officer Survival
  • Patrol Tactics Lecture
  • Patrol Tactics Practicum
  • Tour of Court Room and Jail
  • School Resource Officers
  • City Prosecutor
  • Criminal Investigations Division Overview
  • Officer Involved Shooting
  • Special Investigations Unit Overview
  • Crisis Negotiations Team Overview
  • K-9 Overview
  • Special Operations Team Overview/Demo
  • Firearms
  • Crime Scene Investigations
  • Final Challenge 
  • Graduation

Masters Citizen's Police Academy

resize.jpgThe Master’s Citizens Police Academy is a program developed to give our Basic CPA graduates a type of “continuing education” on Law Enforcement. Students in the Master’s Academy MUST HAVE COMPLETED THE BASIC CITIZENS POLICE ACADEMY prior to application in the Master’s program. An up-to-date background check will also be done on all students.  

Classes meet once a week for 8 weeks (usually Tuesday nights from 6-9 p.m.). The topics and presentations in the academy are pulled from outside agencies in the area, state and even federal levels. 

Topics include, but are not limited to: DEA, Tulsa and Wagoner County District Attorney, a tour of the Tulsa County Jail, Animal Control, US Marshal, FBI, City Code Enforcement, Secrete Service, IRS, GRDA, Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and the Medical Examiner’s Office. 

The classes are FREE and snacks are provided. If you are a Citizens Police Academy graduate and would like to attend the Master’s CPA, send in a completed application today!

Master's CPA Application

Academia de Policia para Ciudadanos en Espaňol


En incorporación con los varios cursos ofrecidos por el Departamento de Policía De Broken Arrow para los ciudadanos que viven o trabajen en la ciudad de Broken Arrow, El Departamento de Policía de Broken Arrow empezará a ofrecer un curso gratuito llamado “Academia de Policía para Ciudadanos en Español”. El propósito de este curso es para educar a todos los ciudadanos en las varias funciones del servicio policial de nuestra ciudad. El curso será demostrado en manera de clase donde habrá actividades de policía diseñados para que todos en la clase tengan la oportunidad de vivir lo que significa ser policía en nuestra ciudad de Broken Arrow. Este curso será ofrecido cada día martes de 6 a 9 pm por 6 semanas.

Este curso será disponible para solicitantes que sean mayor de 18 aňos de edad, hablen y entiendan el idioma español, y que vivan o trabajen en la ciudad de Broken Arrow. Para calificar para este curso, se le administrara un chequeo de antecedente a cada participante.

Como Policías de la Ciudad de Broken Arrow, nosotros estamos aquí para servirle y proteger a todos los ciudadanos de nuestra ciudad. Por medio de este curso, nosotros también nos gustaría aprender más sobre la cultura y las necesidades de nuestra comunidad hispanohablantes. Tambien por medio de esta clase, esperamos que todos los participantes ayuden a educar a sus familias y amigos sobre la información que se les haya ensenado para facilitar el nivel de confianza entre los ciudadanos hispanos y los oficiales de policía de nuestra ciudad.

Para empezar el proceso simplemente favor de descargar la aplicación disponible en esta página, llenar la aplicación completamente, y enviar la aplicación a la estación de Seguridad Publica de Broken Arrow localizado en el 1101 N. 6th Street Broken Arrow OK 74012 a la atención del Oficial M. Peale en persona o por medio del correo. Si gusta mandar la aplicación por medio de correo electrónico, favor de mandarla a

Spanish Citizen’s Police Academy


In addition to the basic Citizen’s Police Academy and Master’s CPA courses, the Broken Arrow Police Department is also now offering a Citizen’s Police Academy for people who speak Spanish. The six week program is designed to give Spanish speaking residents a better understanding of how the Police Department operates while incorporating hands-on exercises to put the students in the shoes of the officers. Classes will meet once a week for six weeks on Tuesday evenings from 6-9pm, and are FREE to all participants. 

Classes are open to applicants who are at least 18 years old, speak and understand Spanish, and who live or work in the Broken Arrow area. The same standard background check also applies to this Academy. 

As Broken Arrow Police Officers, we are here to protect and serve all of Broken Arrow’s residents. Through this program, we hope to learn more from our Spanish speaking community about their beliefs, needs, and concerns. We also hope that the students will take what they learn back to others in the community and help to increase the communications and comfort level between Spanish speaking residents and the Police.

To get started, just download an application, fill it out, and either drop it off or mail it to the Broken Arrow Public Safety Complex at 1101 N. 6th Street, Broken Arrow, OK 74012 (Attn. Ofc. M.Peale) or email your completed and scanned application to