CPAT (Candidate Physical Agility Test)

CPAT Final Test on Monday, July 13, 2015 at 0900

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The Broken Arrow Fire Department will conduct orientation and practice sessions for the CPAT exam.

The Broken Arrow Fire Department shall perform CPAT in accordance with the IAFF/IAFC program description and instructions (IAFF,CPAT second edition). Only candidates that are testing with the Broken Arrow Fire Department will be allowed to sign up for practice, orientation, and testing sessions.

A candidate who passes the BAFD test has no reasonable expectation that the testing result or certification will be accepted anywhere else or by any other agency. Agencies are welcome to accept a candidate's BAFD CPAT certificate at their own discretion and by their own authority.

The Broken Arrow Fire Department will confirm passing CPAT results to other agencies at the agency's request only. The Broken Arrow Fire Department will not furnish test results in lieu of providing candidates with validated certificates.

The Broken Arrow Fire Department will accept other agencies CPAT results as long as they are listed on the IAFF website, and have a proper license. The BAFD only accepts results valid as no more than 12 months old from the time the hiring process begins.

It is important for all potential candidates to review and read all information in this section to become more familiar with the process. It is your responsibility to print off all necessary documents and the preparation guide. You may forgo any and all practice sessions but it is not recommended. You have to have the waivers, emergency contact, and rehab all printed off and filled out completely prior to showing up for your scheduled practice or testing sessions.

*****NOTE: You must wear long pants (sweat pants or wind pants) the day of the test. You will not be allowed to test or practice if you are wearing shorts. Helmets and gloves will be provided, but if you need knee pads you are welcome to bring them and wear them. You are not allowed to wear shorts in the events, if you do so you will forgo your opportunity to practice and you will be considered a “DID NOT PASS” on test date if you choose to show up in shorts.