Special Operations Team (SOT)

The Broken Arrow Police Department's Special Operations Team (SOT) was established in 1986 and consists of 39 members who specialize in the area of tactical response and Crisis Negotiations. The SOT's main responsibilities consist of responding to armed and barricaded incidents, hostage situations, civil disorder and serving high-risk warrants. SOT is comprised of two groups: the Tactical Team and Crisis Negotiations Team. 

The Tactical Team consists of 24 highly trained officers, as well as 5 Tactical Medics from the Broken Arrow Fire Department. The Tactical Team also has an Intelligence Investigator and a Technical Specialist who respond with the Team to critical incidents. The Tactical Team trains regularly on topics such as firearms, building searches, hostage rescue, various forms of breaching, and less lethal options, in order to effectively resolve critical incidents.

The Crisis Negotiations Team is comprised of eight (8) officers with varying duties and responsibilities within the agency who, in addition to their regular duties, are selected to train in crisis negotiations. The purpose of the Crisis Negotiation Unit is to provide negotiating strategies and conduct negotiations in high risk situations.  The team is utilized in crisis situations such as barricaded subjects, hostage rescue, and suicidal subjects in an effort to resolve these incidents peacefully. 

The Special Operations Team is on call 24 hours a day for any unit within the department. SOT also assists other local, state and federal agencies with the resolution of critical incidents and high risk warrant services and conducts training for the Broken Arrow Police Department as well as other agencies.