Strong Public Education

Public schools in Broken Arrow are definitely a reflection of the community they serve. Broken Arrow High School, Oklahoma's largest high school, as well as Union and Bixby High Schools, are noted for success in just about everything they do. Education, the most important responsibility of any school system, is on the top of the list. Whether students seek honors courses to prepare them for the challenges of major colleges or to take advantage of technical training through Tulsa Technology Center, which has a large campus in Broken Arrow, there is a dedication to excellence.

While Broken Arrow Public Schools serve most of the community, much of the western portion of the city is part of the Union Public Schools, also one of the state's biggest and best. The southwest portion of the City is also served by Bixby Public Schools. All three high schools are among the state's leaders each year in the chase for merit scholarships and many other college scholarships.

Private Schools & Area Colleges/Universities

There are also private schools that serve the area, as well as a strong home schooling base of support, for those who wish to take that option.

Once they've graduated from high school, young men and women from Broken Arrow have the option of traveling less than two hours to Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, a little more to the University of Oklahoma in Norman or the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. Graduates can stay closer to home to study at the University of Tulsa, Oral Roberts UniversityTulsa Community College (TCC), and the Broken Arrow campus of Northeastern State University (NSU).

The NSU's Broken Arrow campus also hosts TCC classes for freshmen and sophomores, providing degree programs from start to finish right here in Broken Arrow. NSU's Tahlequah campus is only an hour's drive, and several other small to medium colleges and universities are also an easy drive away.

Tulsa Achieves

For students who live on the Tulsa County side of Broken Arrow, TCC's innovative Tulsa Achieves program answers the question of how to pay for college. Through Tulsa Achieves, full tuition and fees are provided for every high school senior, public or private, who graduates with a 2.0 grade point average and commits to begin college the fall following their senior year. The Tulsa Achieves program, which started in 2007, has become a nationally recognized model being replicated at other colleges across the country.

Additional Schools